There are times when I can't believe how sweet my kids are . . . and there are other times when deep down I have to keep myself from punching one of them :)  The latter is something I would never do, but if you have children, I'm sure you know the feeling.
Our 2 year old son, Salem, has always been sweet.  He's also always loved to do something we have now come to call "scream-o".  When Salem was only 15 months old, Adia was born.  Soon after he realized I wasn't going to pick him up at every whimper, he thought it a good idea to bend over, throw his arms behind himself and scream as loud as he could.  The "scream-o" was born.  He could not yet talk and I am sure he found it very frustrating not being able to communicate what he wanted and so the "screamo"  became a regular occurrance several (if not MANY) times a day.  At first, it was almost funny, but not for long.  This probably lasted 3-4 months.
Salem didn't start to talk until shortly before he turned two.  I guess the "point and grunt" was working for him. When he did start talking it was in full sentences and using unbelievably "adult" words.  "So, how'r you today?"  "You're the best mommy ever!"  "Whatever"  "I love you too much"  "Actually, I'm just wittle, I have wittle wegs".  We have been told on several occasions just how sweet Salem is.  I agree it is pretty hard to keep from squeezing little "chubbers" when he tells you he loves you too much.
We have seen hints of scream-o surface when Salem doesn't want to do something, but letting Salem know that we want to talk to him and explain why we are asking him to do something almost always calmed him down.  Once we took the time to talk with him, he settled down and usually agreed to our request. 
Recently, we moved to a new house and have been extremely busy the last month since we moved.  
Scream-o re-emerges. Now it's more of yelling and trying to get away from us.  
When Salem doesn't want to do something now, he just starts yelling at us and pushing us away.  
"Don't talk to me! NO. NO. I don't want to"
Ha ha, yeah . . . Now what?  Talking to him doesn't work anymore.  I've noticed, he needs to have his independence.  Once I give up trying to make him put on his boots, he'll decide he'll let me help him with his boots.  This can be very frustrating for me.  He won't do anything I ask him to when I want him to.  This happens with everything and especially when I am in a hurry, of course.   I think I have to start planning this into my schedule.  Ah, Sweet Salem.  
Anyway,  I am noticing I underestimate, the impact big changes have on my kids.  Too much company, a new house, not much of a routine.  It has a bigger effect than I realize.  At least, that is what I am hoping so we can say good bye to scream-o.

I love my beautiful kids.




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