An ethical bribe: Timothy Ferriss will pay $3 to US public school classrooms for every new Twitter follower during the next two weeks.  

Opportunities like this have the power to make big differences, at little to no cost/time expense on your behalf.  Exercise your information network for something more useful than informing the world that " . . . is bored."  Use your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blog, website, and any other medium you have to spread the word.

Visit now to see how it works and join in the fun.

Oh yeah, there is also a round-trip ticket and Macbook up for grabs . . .

Timothy Ferriss is one of my favorite mavericks and the author of the manifesto for the restless: The 4HR Work Week.  Following him on Twitter will expose you to some of the most interesting information out there.   To see the type of content you will be exposed to, go to his Twitter page, here:

Why use Twitter?  Here are a few good reasons:

“Tweet To Beat could generate help for thousands of students in high-need public schools. My colleagues and I are cheering you on!”
-Charles Best, CEO of

From Tim's website:How Little Does It Take?I hope you choose to participate and make a difference. Karmic capitalism doesn’t take much.

Taking an hour to mentor a child, sending a single e-mail, or 
following someone on Twitter — remember that the small things are often what have the biggest impact, as we actually do them.

Please spread the word and further the experiment. I’ll share all of the results so others can duplicate them with non-profits worldwide.

“One of the great movements in my lifetime among educated people is the need to commit themselves to action.”-Peter Drucker



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